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Full Time Job

Did you have a hard day at work? On the phone all day, have a lot of customers, or a pile of paperwork to do? Imagine coming home after a tiring day and your house smells so good and everything is clean. All you have to do is sit back and relax or have more time for the kids.

Family keeps you busy

It is hard to find time to clean when the kids must be everywhere. They have ball practice, gymnastics, cheerleading, or karate. And maybe even need to have time to help with homework. Sometimes your family life can seem a little overwhelming. We are here to make your life a little easier.

Make Entertaining Easy

Planning on having family and friends over? Cleaning does not have to be on your to-do list. You already have enough on your plate. If you have a cleaning service to do your house cleaning, then that is one major thing you no longer need to worry about. You can go run your errands, cook and entertain a little less stressed and more confident.

Cleaning is not your favorite

Why waste your time doing something you do not like. Devote your time to something more positive and productive for you. Most of the time if you are doing something you do not like you rush through it.

Make cleaning a gift

Having trouble finding the perfect gift? Hire a house cleaning service. Can you think of an elderly person that can no longer clean like they use to? And you want to do something nice and thoughtful for them. What about a baby shower gift? The new parents are already tired from being in the hospital. They can come home with their new bundle of joy to a fresh, clean and sanitized home.

Give the love of your life a thoughtful gift of a cleaning service. I bet if you had RevoCleaning to come in and clean the house, your wife would be so impressed and happy that all her friends would know. And she might even stop bringing up how much you spent on that fishing equipment.

You just deserve it

You work hard, take care of the kids and run a great house. Reward yourself.

No more buying cleaning supplies

We supply everything except trash bags. We have all the equipment and supplies to clean your home. Granted you may want to keep a minimal supply on hand for things that happen in-between cleanings.

Choose which areas you want to have cleaned

When you hire RevoCleaning you can customize your cleaning plan. You may want to schedule for a deep clean in the kitchen only. Or you may just want a general cleaning in all rooms. There are so many options. And we can accommodate most any need you may have. Check out for a detailed list of services. You can pick and choose your customized plan.

Let us fit it into your budget

If you do not think it is in your budget still give us a call. We can adjust any cleaning schedule to fit your needs and budget. You can also do an occasional clean, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly.

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