• Samuel Moore


DON'T CLEAN!!!! Do these 6 things before your housekeeper comes to get more BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. Your housekeeper will have more time to do things you don't like to do.

1. Pick up clutter

Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or wash them

Put dirty clothes in the laundry room

Have the kids to pick up their toys in their rooms or laying around the house

2. Pet Time

If you have a pet that does not like strangers or loud noises like a vacuum, you may need to crate them until the housekeeper leaves.

3. Communicate

Tell us if there is extras you want done. For example if you need your refrigerator thoroughly cleaned, clean oven, or if you want a certain room deep cleaned. Price may very on the job but still ask.

4. Be Honest

When getting a quote or estimate be honest with what you want and the condition of your house. There is no judgment. We have seen worse. If your not honest it could lead to a higher rate. We can always work with you.

5. Use Insured Cleaners

Things in your house are valuable. Lets face it we are human and accidents happen. With an insured cleaner those things will be replaced.

6. There are limitations

Don't expect our cleaners to handle pet waste, clogged toilets or sinks. There are things you as a home owner will have to handle.

Doing these things will let your housekeeper do their job and leave your house spotless.

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