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You must be organized to keep your house clean and to make it easier to keep clean. No matter which method you use to organize, it always takes time. But the result is so worth it and leaves you feeling very satisfied when it is done. So, let us take small steps and get started with the kitchen.

Pull everything out! Yes, out of the cabinets and out of the drawers. It is so much easier to start with a clean slate. Now make 3 piles, a pile you want to keep, a pile to sell or donate, and pile to pitch. When you go through your stuff ask yourself: do I need this, does this work, how long has it been since I have used this.

Now that everything is out this is a great time to clean those shelves and drawers and you might as well go ahead and put in new shelf lining. You are already this far, might as well do this right.

Lets section off your kitchen:

Section 1: Every day use

2: Cooking

3: Pantry

4: Accessories and Storage

5: Coffee and Bar

6: Under the sink

7: Special Items

8: Junk Drawer

Section 1: Every day - This section is for plates, bowls, basic glassware, cups, cutlery and silverware. For the cabinets you may need to use all the space that you can get. This may mean that we need to go vertical. There is a lot of space between the cups and glasses and the shelf above. You could look into an adjustable shelf. This will utilize all the possible space.

Section 2: Cooking- This section is located close to the oven/range. You will store pots, pans, cutting board, spatulas, wooden spoons, silverware, measuring cups/spoons, mixing bowls, and other baking items.

Section 3: Accessories and Storage- This section is for your Tupperware, food wrap, Ziploc bags, tin foil, the on the go items. In a drawer or on a shelf. They can go in either place.

Section 4: Coffee and Bar- This is the place you store your coffee cups, coffee accessories, coffee pot. Some of your adult beverages could also goes here. Add your Wine glasses, shot glasses; and all the other glasses you use for this purpose, bar accessories, and so on.

Section 5: Pantry- This is the place where you store dry goods, spices, larger kitchen gadgets, cookbooks and all the things that are not appealing sitting out for everyone to see. Use cloth, wicker or plastic baskets to organize the small items. I suggest you label the dry containers and not the shelf. If you need to move them around later, you will not have to relabel.

Section 6: Under the sink- This is where you store cleaning supplies, extra hand soap, and garbage bags. You can also add a rod or a few hooks to inside of the doors to add more storage space.

Section 7: Special Items- This is where you should store serving platters and bowls. These items usually are not used very often, so they can go on the top shelf of the pantry or in the back of a cabinet. They do not have to be in a spot that is easy to get to because you very seldom use them.

Section 8: The Dreaded Junk Drawer- Everyone has one. It is a place where things accumulate because they do not have a place, or you are in a hurry and you do not have the time to put it in the appropriate place. Get small containers to fill the drawer. If it does not fit into a container, find another place for it.

ALL DONE!!!!!! Now just sit back and relax. Good Job!!!!

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